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4 Michelin-starred Restaurants in Vietnam: Vietnamese Cuisine Closer to the World?

After a long period of discreet surveys and meticulous evaluations of renowned eateries in Vietnam, on the evening of June 6th, a series of Michelin-star restaurants were officially announced in Hanoi. During this prestigious event, the Michelin Guide awarded stars to 4 restaurants and included 103 restaurants/food establishments from the vibrant cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in its list.


Michelin Restaurant Select
103 restaurants were honored (Cre: Michelin Guide)

103 restaurants were honored with 4 award categories, including 4 prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants, 70 Michelin Selected restaurants, 29 Bib Gourmand restaurants, and 3 Michelin Guide Special Award recipients. The most important award, Michelin Star Award Restaurants that received one Michelin star are recognized for “high-quality cuisine worth a stop for”: Anăn Saigon restaurant, Gia restaurant, Hibana by Koki restaurant at Capella Hanoi hotel, and Tầm Vị restaurant. The Michelin Guide Special Awards category includes the following awards:

Sommelier Award: Mr. Yu Yamamoto – Lửa restaurant.
Service Award: Chef Nguyen Thi Nu – Vietnam House restaurant.
Young Chef Award: Chef Sam Tran – Gia restaurant. On the evening of June 6, the launch ceremony of Michelin Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City, in collaboration with destination partner Sun Group, officially took place in the capital city of Hanoi. The Michelin Guide Ceremony was held in a solemn and joyful atmosphere, with the attendance of many local and international dignitaries, especially outstanding chefs. While Hanoi is refined and serene, Ho Chi Minh City boasts a vibrant and youthful culinary culture, rich and energetic. The Michelin-recommended restaurants this time cover various budgets and over 20 different culinary styles, all showcasing the distinctiveness of Vietnamese cuisine. The 70 Michelin Selected restaurants (recommended by Michelin Guide), Michelin Guide Special Awards restaurants, Bib Gourmand restaurants (affordable and delicious dining), and Michelin-starred restaurants in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will be officially announced. Among them, there are 32 culinary addresses in Hanoi and 38 in Ho Chi Minh City. This list not only marks a historic achievement for the Vietnamese culinary industry but also represents a turning point for the culinary tourism sector of the two largest cities in Vietnam

Top 4 Michelin-Star restaurants

Gia restaurant

Michelin-Star Restaurants
Gia (Michelin-Star Restaurants)

Address: 61 St. Van Mieu, Dong Da, Hanoi 100000, has been honored with a Michelin star. Led by Chef Sam Tran, GIA is a Vietnamese restaurant with a contemporary style that celebrates the culinary heritage of Vietnam. The restaurant’s seasonal menu is a testament to its commitment to culinary excellence and innovation. GIA is known for its intricately presented dishes that showcase a harmonious blend of delicate flavors, refreshing acidity, and standout textures.

Hibana by Koki

Michelin-Star Restaurants
Hibana by Koki (Michelin-Star Restaurants)

Address: 11 St. Le Phung Hieu, French Quarter, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. This extraordinary dining experience takes place at a 14-seat counter in the basement of Capella Hotel. Chef Hiroshi Yamaguchi impresses diners with his masterful teppanyaki cooking, creating flavorful and aromatic dishes. Hibana’s menu features luxurious creations made from premium ingredients imported from Japan, such as abalone, spiny lobster, sea urchin, Yaeyama Kyori beef, and Hokkaido king crab. Each dish exudes sophistication and highlights the exquisite flavors of these carefully selected ingredients.

Tam Vi

Michelin-Star Restaurants
Tam Vi (Michelin-Star Restaurants)

Address: 4b St. Yen The, Van Mieu, Dong Da, Hanoi, is a Michelin-star restaurant that embraces the classic style of a traditional tea house. The restaurant’s ambiance is enhanced by antique Chinese-style furniture and wooden boards engraved with couplets. Tam Vi primarily serves home-style dishes from the Northern region of Vietnam, while also offering a selection of dishes from Central and Southern Vietnam. Notable delicacies at Tam Vi include Snail Patties served with fresh herbs, rice vermicelli, and fish sauce, as well as Crab and Water Spinach Soup, which highlights the distinct flavor of crab in a clear broth. The Michelin star awarded to Tam Vi recognizes its dedication to preserving and showcasing the culinary traditions of Vietnam’s northern region.

These Michelin-star restaurants in Hanoi exemplify the exceptional talent, creativity, and dedication of their chefs and staff. They elevate Vietnamese cuisine to international acclaim and serve as a testament to the rich culinary heritage and excellence that Vietnam has to offer. By indulging in the gastronomic delights of Gia, Hibana by Koki, and Tam Vi, diners can embark on a remarkable culinary journey and experience the flavors of Vietnam on the world stage.

AnAn Saigon

Michelin-Star Restaurants
Anan Saigon (Michelin-Star Restaurants)

89 Ton That Dam, Ben Nghe, Quan 1, Ho Chi Minh City

AnAn Saigon is a renowned restaurant located in Ho Chi Minh City, known for its exceptional Vietnamese cuisine and contemporary dining experience. With a focus on creating innovative dishes inspired by traditional flavors, AnAn Saigon offers a unique and memorable culinary journey.

Led by Chef Peter Cuong Franklin, AnAn Saigon combines traditional Vietnamese ingredients with modern techniques to create dishes that are both visually stunning and incredibly flavorful. The menu showcases a range of dishes that highlight the diversity of Vietnamese cuisine, from delicate appetizers to mouthwatering main courses and delectable desserts.


The Michelin star rating system is highly regarded in the culinary world and is seen as a prestigious recognition of excellence in the restaurant industry. The fact that Vietnam has achieved four Michelin stars is a significant accomplishment and speaks to the growing reputation and quality of its culinary scene.

Having Michelin-star restaurants in Vietnam not only elevates the country’s culinary status but also attracts attention from food enthusiasts and travelers who seek exceptional dining experiences. It showcases the talent, creativity, and dedication of Vietnamese chefs and their ability to offer world-class cuisine.

The Michelin star ratings in Vietnam contribute to promoting the country’s gastronomy and attracting more visitors who are interested in exploring its rich culinary heritage. It provides an opportunity for local chefs and restaurants to showcase their skills and creativity, while also encouraging culinary innovation and raising the bar for culinary standards in the country.

Overall, the presence of four Michelin stars in Vietnam reflects the continuous growth and recognition of the country’s culinary offerings on an international level, further establishing it as a top destination for food lovers.

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