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The Story of San Dining

  • Achievements from the Inspiration of a “Spoiling” Husband

The director of San Dining is a son who traveled far from his homeland to study in Europe. After living and working in Europe for many years, he got married and started a family in Germany. His wife is a culinary expert who always seeks out the delicate aspects of cuisine from different cultures around the world.

When she returned to Vietnam to visit her husband’s hometown, she was captivated by the cuisine of Vietnam. Vietnamese cuisine is not overly complicated, yet it is very distinctive and unforgettable. From traditional dishes like Pho, Bun Bo Hue, to everyday dishes like braised fish and tomato soup, they all left a deep impression on her. It can be said that cuisine is like a prominent stroke in the cultural portrait of the Vietnamese people. She exclaimed, “It’s not just about food, it’s about the people. It’s wonderful!”

  • San Dining – Efforts to Bring Vietnamese Cuisine Closer to the World

Moved by the beauty of Vietnamese cuisine, she persuaded her husband to transform San’s Restaurant into a Fusion style. It is a combination of European and Vietnamese styles. Customers will experience a new sensation as they enjoy the taste of Vietnam through familiar European dishes, in an Indochine space with a romantic view of Ho Guom (Sword Lake).

  • Mission Awareness

San Dining not only sees bringing Vietnamese cuisine closer to the world as a business goal but also as its mission. The support from customers is a great motivation for San Dining to continue striving and innovating. San Dining will constantly explore, learn, and create unique and exquisite dishes, in order to provide customers with a wonderful and exciting experience with Vietnamese cuisine. San Dining aims to inspire and spread the passion for Vietnamese cuisine not only within the local community but also worldwide, contributing to the promotion of Vietnamese culture, tourism, and people.

Origins of Vietnamese Cuisine

  • Ancient Culinary Culture

The culinary culture of Vietnam has naturally developed from the daily activities of its people. For the Vietnamese, cuisine is not only for meals but also carries traditional values and cultural significance. Vietnamese dishes are passed down from generation to generation, preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of Vietnamese cuisine.

Due to the country being divided into three regions, Vietnamese cuisine is also divided accordingly: North – Central – South, each with its own distinct characteristics. The diverse culinary cultures have contributed to the richness and variety of Vietnamese cuisine. Each region has its own taste preferences, different cooking methods, and dish names.

Vietnamese dishes are harmonious in terms of colors and flavors, creating a well-balanced and irresistible overall impression, especially for Vietnamese tourists.

  • Diverse Cooking Methods

Vietnamese people have diverse cooking methods. Vietnamese dishes are not only visually appealing and delicious, but they also contain profound meanings. Depending on each region, Vietnamese cuisine has different cooking techniques and flavors.

Northern Region: They use fewer spices compared to other regions. Northern dishes usually have a moderate taste, not too sweet, not too sour, less spicy, and emphasize elegance and sophistication.

Central Region: The soul of Central Vietnamese cuisine is a combination of salty, spicy, and slightly sweet flavors.

Southern Region: The Southern region is considered a fusion of many culinary cultures within the country and abroad, creatively adapting dishes from foreign cuisines. Southern dishes are often rich in sweetness.

In addition to the regional cultural influences, Vietnamese cuisine also bears the distinctive marks of ethnic cultures, especially in the Northwestern, Northeastern, and Central Highlands regions, of some ethnic minority communities.

Fusion Viet at San Dining

This is a trend that brings breakthrough and creativity, providing unique and distinctive culinary experiences for diners. As a result, Vietnamese cuisine is increasingly asserting its position on the international culinary map and attracting the attention of both domestic and foreign tourists.

Fusion Vietnamese cuisine combines European style to create a unique and diverse culinary experience that cannot be missed. This combination creates a fusion of traditional Vietnamese flavors and the culinary techniques and distinctive decoration styles of European cuisine.

With this combination, Fusion Viet not only offers delicious and diverse dishes but also serves as a bridge of global cultures. It demonstrates the creativity and adaptability of Vietnamese cuisine in the era of globalization, while creating a cross-cultural exchange between two diverse and rich culinary traditions.

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Address: 10th Floor, 02 Cau Go, Hanoi, Vietnam